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Covernet double its Coleraine workforce

January 2020

Currently a team of 20, Covernet is gearing the new positions towards highly skilled graduates looking for “exciting and rewarding careers” in software development, quality assurance, business development and sales.

It also plans to expand further into the UK and enter new markets in the US and Canada, with support from US private equity firm Capital Z.

Covernet also plans to invest more heavily in research and development in AI and machine learning, as well as its DevOps operations, all of which it describes as “particularly beneficial” in the insurance industry.

Career progression at Covernet

“We are really proud to have been working in the area of innovative insurance product development for 25 years,” said Covernet Managing Director Lee Stuart.

“Our clients are some of the leaders in the global insurance industry and our products deliver a real depth of functionality.

“We are excited to continue to deliver this, enrich our platforms further and expand into new markets with our recent significant investment.”

Stuart added that career progression should be a motivating factor for potential applicants interested in the company’s new roles.

“The ability to attract great people to Covernet and help them develop their careers has underpinned our success to date,” he said.